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How to Inspect Your Newly Purchased Apartment

Purchasing an apartment is very exciting, but at the same time, involves several challenging tasks to come across. It will be exciting as it is one of the greatest emotional and financial commitments that one could make. On the other hand, purchasing an apartment is the most demanding activities due to the possibilities of some notable pitfalls associated with the process. If you manage to complete the apartment buying process and that you are yet to move in, then ensure that you inspect the apartment that you have purchased completely at the presence of property manager or your landlord. The things that you should don’t miss inspecting is discussed in the rest part of the article.

Checking the interior of apartment

Your inspection should first start with checking the interior qualities of the apartment which also applies to all the rooms present. Look for any cracked plaster on the ceilings or walls. Also check whether the lighting fixtures are broken, since lighting is typically offered only in the hallway and kitchen. You would need to install your own lighting in your living room, bedroom and dining room, like floor lamps and table. Check the carpets for the presence of dirt and/or being worn. It is very important to find out the condition of electricity outlets. If you find any ceiling fans, you should check whether they are in working condition.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen is the central part of any household space. Checking whether everything is perfect in the kitchen area would give you a satisfied feel before you move into the apartment. Check for all the burners as well as switches in the stove and find out if there are any leaks at the gas line. Also consider inspecting the heater, refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioner, faucets and garbage disposal and ensure that all these are in proper working condition. Find out whether there are any roach or mouse droppings at kitchen cabinets or somewhere else.


Security is the most essential of all others. Before you shift to the apartment that you buy, don’t miss to check whether the security measures are perfect in the apartment. In this regards, you must check whether the doors are sturdy and if there is any mark of attempted break-ins. check the working conditions of the deadbolts and find whether they are loose. Look at the function of the windows, like whether they lock and close properly and also find out if there are any leaks that could allow cold air to come in or move out. The working condition of exterior lighting working is significant to be checked to determine the level of security. Find out whether there is any security code required to have access into the complex or apartment. If so, ensure getting those codes as well as remote controls.


Bathrooms are equally important than any other spaces in your apartment. Here, you need to check for the working condition of bathroom and ask your property manager how hot/cold water combination is working and the method to turn shower on.